Current Status

This morning:

  • Blood sugar: 96 (still well managed)
  • Weight: 197.5 (up 10 pounds from my pre-move lowest)
  • Blood pressure: 137/89 (ok but not great, and on 2 medications to control it)
  • Pulse: 73
  • Lichen Sclerosus – apparently well controlled right now.  I can’t really tell.  I’ve become dependent on doctors’ opinions.
  • Rash – Had a rash in my armpit increasing in size and discomfort – apparently it was a fungal infection because it responded really well to over the counter medication.  Not quite gone but almost.
  • Mood – Good overall.  Anxiety and mood swings related to my move are abating.
  • Stress – Could be managed better.
  • Exercise – None, aside from being fairly active throughout the day for work.

I heard a cool podcast featuring Dan Millman a while back.  Dan is the author of several books I’ve found very inspiring, including Way of the Peaceful Warrior, which I read about 15 years ago.  In this podcast Dan talk about how small steps can add up to big changes over time.  No exercise program?  Start with 1 jumping jack a day.  Stick to it and increase over time.  I think he’s being funny, but I’m going to try it.  So for me: one yoga pose a day.



3 thoughts on “Current Status

  1. Lanie, My discovery of, and elevating life adventure with, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, I believe coincides roughly with the time of my discovery of and elevating life adventure with you. I love that you’re a seeker, curious, deep thinking, so smart, so eloquent — which I’ve loved about you since Day One. The fact that you’re sharing your efforts of discovery and change with others through this blog for your and others’ betterment of their lives is, I think, consistent with what a cool person I already knew you to be. Peace. =)

  2. You gave me that book! ❤ This was the second book given to me around that time that really changed my life. The other was the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Thanks for the really nice words (then and now).

  3. I noticed you were taking something like synthroid? And you tried a bit of NDT but didn’t stick with it.

    I just wonder if you ever gave T3 Thyroid a good go (in NDT or even by itself), as taking primarily T4 will rely on your liver’s own conversion which could be compromised for many reasons.

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