I have been meditating for several weeks, about 15 minutes each morning.  I’ve been following the general recommendations – to sit, follow your breath, and when thoughts arise gently acknowledge them but return to focusing on the breath.  After a weekend of watching Kyle Cease videos I’ve changed how I’m doing this.

Kyle Cease is an amazing combination of stand up comedian meets Tony Robbins.  Transformation presented with humor.  He recommends sitting for much longer periods of time (like, 1-2 hours) and when your thoughts come up, they’re not something to be resisted. Resisting them is like telling yourself you’re doing something wrong, which is why people probably hate meditation.  Kyle says the first 10-15 minutes of meditation are going to be chaos – your brain spewing a bunch of thoughts and ideas, but that it will quiet down after that.  But most people only meditate for 10-15 minutes so they don’t get to that place.

Today I meditated for 30 minutes – just sitting quietly, accepting whatever came up.  If some thoughts came up I would follow them a bit, send them love, and then continue to see what comes up.  He was right – after about 20 minutes my mind quieted down.  I felt like I could have done another half hour.  Maybe an hour tomorrow.

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