Health Update

My metabolic health kind of sucks right now.  I went through a period there where I gave up on it – wasn’t measuring blood sugar or blood pressure, stayed off the scale, and was just sort of getting by, focusing on other aspects of my life.  It became so hard to manage after a while, and the things that had worked in the past (low fat) were no longer working.

To drop my blood sugar and weight at the beginning of 2017 I was following Weight Watchers and ate pretty much the same things every day – white rice, chicken breast, apples, grapes, watermelon.  Since then I have tried over and over to repeat this ridiculous restrictive diet because it made my hot flashes go away, I felt amazing, and my blood sugar returned to the mid-80s (fasting).  I can’t do it anymore though.  My appetite and drive to eat has increased – probably doubled, if such a thing as appetite can be quantified.  I assume I was missing lots of key nutrients and part of me is unwilling to go back to that semi-starvation state.  Such is the pattern of dieting:

Restrict food –> lose weight –> realize you can’t continue eating that way –> regain –> blame self

Only I’m not blaming myself because I know this is why most diets fail.

I’ve now regained my weight, my blood pressure is high (still on two meds and still high) and my blood sugar is back in the diabetic range.

I’m tired of it all.


3 thoughts on “Health Update

  1. Thanks for the post lANIE…you articulate the struggles and emotions that many of us experience. I was a fan of intermittent fasting, plant based diet and have quit drinking my 750ml+ bottle of red wine (about 650 cal) for the last 4 weeks and and HAVE same results are you are reporting….blood sugars still high., no wt. loss….18/6 fasting is still hard especially in evening….as you say: “I am tired it it all”……YEP!

  2. Hi Lanie,
    I love your blog and your honesty. Health is such a tough journey for some of us and I get really frustrated, too. I was wondering, since I know you used to follow Ray Peat’s advice, if you’ve gone the route of focusing on sodium and calcium for lowering hypertension? I really like the website and I was looking at the studies in this thread and I had just been looking at your blog so I thought I’d share. Synchronicity, perhaps?

    Anyways, I hope you find answers and start feeling your absolute best sooner than later. Again I love reading your blog because it is so refreshingly honest. Thanks for being human and sharing your reality with us!


  3. I came across your post about hormone imbalance and I’m so glad I found you! Your finding and detailing your personal journey have been so heartwarming and reassuring as I work towards healing and getting my life back to a new normal from hormone imbalance and high bp the past ten years. Your wealth of resources and knowledge is beyond amazing. Thank you so much for all you’ve done!!

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