11 days into 2018 and I’m lost

I forgot how to do this.  It’s been a good 6  months since I followed any kind of structured diet or exercise plan and I don’t know how anymore.  I’m like all the other people in the world who say, “Yeah, I know I should exercise but I just don’t have time!”  Or, “yeah I know, but pizza is so good!”  In other words, I’ve become what some people might consider a resistant loser, but what I am calling “health challenged”.

I’m not sure what to do.

So I’m just going to be in the not knowing today because I’m too busy to think about it.  I’m sure being so busy is contributing to my health problems, though I don’t feel particularly stressed – just busy.  Anyway, I gotta go.  I hope to suck less tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “11 days into 2018 and I’m lost

  1. Lanie, When you’re going thru Hell, or even Heck, just keep going!!! Being in the Not Knowing while continuing the Doing is the wisest response in just about everythimg. I think youre Awesome no matter what! Love You, Bry

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