The Starch Solution – Day 4

Where to start.

I have decided to stop eating meat.  For a while at least.  Maybe forever.  I had some labs done last week and my kidneys are not happy.  I’ve been trying to eat low fat and low carb (newsflash: can’t really be done) because I have been determined to get my blood sugar under control. Honestly, I have been on the fence, unwilling to commit to either low-fat or low carb.  Low fat means higher carb = blood sugar spike.  Low carb = feeling like crap.  Blood sugar spike…feeling like crap…blood sugar spike…feeling like crap.  I have been undecided LITERALLY since the last time I wrote on this blog over a month ago.

I finally gave up and decided to just go with mainstream medicine.  Get a mainstream doc – the one at the clinic down the street – and throw myself on their mercy.  Poke me, drug me, whatever.  Just help me.  I gave up.  Went to a doc and got some labs done.  My kidney labs are terrible (BUN of 29 and BUN/Creatinine ratio of 45, with a reference range of 7-25).  My HgAIC is 7.21 (>6.4 is diabetes).  I’m not getting better, I’m not staying the same.  My condition is worsening.

A year ago I followed a low-fat plan that resulted in a return to normal blood sugars.  I’ve decided to do that again, only completely eliminate meat.  What the hell, let’s eliminate all animal products and really give my kidneys a break.  Reduce protein, maximize starch.  I googled it and hey…this has a name.  Dr. McDougall’s Starch Solution.

I’m on day 4 of this program.  It’s not terrible.  Dr. M. says that all Type 2 Diabetes is curable. Great! I’m in!  It’s a high-starch vegan diet.  No animals.  No added fat (and not much non-added fat).  Starch, vegetables, fruits.

It all feels complicated right now.  I want to share my labs. I want to tell you how much I don’t like my new doctor.  I really just don’t have time.  One day I will.

4 thoughts on “The Starch Solution – Day 4

  1. Cathy B.

    Hi Lanie! Good luck with your new approach. I will be eager to hear how it goes, both in terms of your lab work as well as how “ user friendly” it is.

    You probably saw the study posted by Haidut on the forum recently:
    “Low-fat, High-carb, Ad-libitum Diet Leads To Fat/weight Loss In Women”. Sounds like the McDougall approach might work well for you. I have cut back on meat and I am trying to reduce fat consumption but the McDougall approach would be too restrictive for me to maintain.

    Keep us posted!

  2. Samantha

    Hi Lanie! I’m glad you seem to be hopeful about your plan and I hope this diet works for you. I can definitely relate to your frustration as all my efforts the last few years seem to backfire on me.

    I just got diagnosed with T2D (A1c 7.1 like yours) so I’m trying to figure out how to get this trainwreck under control. I’ve seen a lot of talk of low fat diets to treat T2D but I don’t understand why it needs to be vegetarian. Wouldn’t low fat animal protein like fish, shellfish or chicken breast be good for protein and micronutrients?

  3. Hi Samantha – I don’t think it has to be vegan or vegetarian at all. I’ve chosen to do it this way because my kidney lab markers are showing problems from my relying on meat too much. In fact, a year ago I did a low fat diet that included meat and I had awesome results. See here; I had trouble sustaining it though, and I’m not sure why. I did go through a stressful move in June 2017 and it was hard to stay on track. After that my blood sugar spiked because I stopped doing the low fat thing.

    On another note, my blood sugar also did well on low carb – but my hair was also falling out and my thyroid labs got worse. See here:

    Good luck to you on your journey!

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