The Starch Solution – Day 10

I’ve been feeling overall really good.  Eating this way – low fat starch, fruit, and veggies – is way easier than I expected, and I actually love what I get to eat. I don’t even miss the fat at this point.  I did eat at someone’s house yesterday and brought a dish – a 3-bean salad – so I’d definitely have something there I could eat. I’m pretty determined to stick to this.  I have a ton of energy and my husband tells me my mood is better.

This is the second time I’ve been on a low-fat diet to kick my blood sugar’s ass.  I did this last year – it wasn’t a plant-based diet at that time, and I was eating a lot of dry chicken breast, white rice, and fruit.  I felt a lot hungrier then than i do now. I probably could have added more starches then but I wasn’t in the habit of thinking that way.  It would be an interesting experiment – eating a low fat vegan diet and then adding in lean meat to see the effect on health markers.  Who knows…maybe I’ll even do that.

My fasting blood sugar has dropped to under 120 every day.  Post-prandial blood sugar is still over 200 sometimes – higher when I eat bread or tortillas, and lower when I eat simple whole grains or legumes.  Weight is down a couple pounds, and I’m not counting anything – calories, grams – nothing.  I eat until I’m satisfied.

I did take a step backward one day this week after I ate a banana.  I have a history of not tolerating bananas well – maybe because of the histamine in bananas? – and I was hoping that had passed since the last time I had one a year ago.  Nope, still made me feel terrible – angry and tired, like my brain was inflamed.  No more bananas.  It took about 36 hours after eating it before I felt good again.

3 thoughts on “The Starch Solution – Day 10

  1. SWOT

    If you’re going to eat vegan, plan on supplementing and watch your B12, K2, Zinc, Iron, Calcium, w3, A (40% of people don’t convert beta carotene to retinol last I checked) & D3 levels.

  2. Thanks, SWOT. I’m leaning toward eating liver and shellfish so I don’t have to think so hard about nutrition. LOL. My muscles have been sore lately, so I think I’m missing something – maybe calcium? I really don’t want to devote my life to poring over Cronometer. But thank you – this is helpful.

  3. SWOT

    “eating liver and shellfish” – I don’t see the point of restricting to those two.. Any low fat protein makes more sense. Low fat and Low carb both lower insulin spikes after meals compared to mixed meals. Lower insulin levels increase leptin sensitivity decreasing appetite.

    Low carb sucks for serotonin and endorphin production though. It’s good for dopamine/motivation.
    Low fat is good for serotonin from those starches, but too many people say it’s like eating cardboard/tasteless. Do whatever works best for you.

    Soreness could be magnesium.

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