Nutrition Update

Here I am on Starch Solution, day 21, and I have some updates.

  • My blood sugar was 83 this morning.  The highest it got before this was 197, so that’s over a 110 mg/dL drop.
  • Blood pressure still a bit high, despite 2 medications.  I recall seeing on some documentary that the blood pressure gets high due to endothelial damage that interferes with nitrous oxide production, resulting in more rigid, inflexible veins.  Given that there’s tissue damage involved I would assume it’ll take longer to reverse this.  I hope it can be reversed because I’m tired of these meds.
  • It occurred to me that I’m putting myself at risk of gallstones by eating so little fat, so I bought some raw pumpkin seeds – a good source of nutrients, they say!  Ate a tablespoon of them yesterday morning and felt sick all day.  Mmmm…oxidized rancid polyunsaturated oils.  Excellent.  Threw the bag away and will not be trying that again.  Need to find a way to slightly increase fat intake – up to, say, 20g/day – without exposing myself to all the PUFA.  I guess coconut oil on vegetables or something.
  • Trying to get more potassium in the diet I bought a can of hearts of palm.  Tasted ok but my tongue swelled.  Done with those too.
  • Did I mention my fasting blood sugar was down to 83?  Weight is also down about 5 pounds.


11 thoughts on “Nutrition Update

  1. CBD can help lower blood pressure and potentially helps a whole lot of other things too. Pretty much anything you can think of linked to inflammation, plus improved mood and (for some) improved sleep or focus. I use it in place of ADD meds and my anxiety is lower too.

  2. Cathy B.

    Great news about your blood sugar! How is your mood, energy, sleep? Do you miss dairy? That is what keeps me from going that route. I love my dairy, especially cheese.

  3. Martha

    I was reading an article today that was talking about potassium helping to lower blood pressure. Since your potassium levels are lower, maybe that is part of the problem.

  4. Cathy – Mood, energy, and sleep are all good, unless I eat something that doesn’t agree with me – then they all take a dive. I had some “Turmeric chips” that I got from Thrive Market (.com) – tasted great, all ok ingredients on the package but within a couple hours I was ranting and crying and my shoulder blades hurt. I took a look at the ingredients again and saw “spices” – I should have known better. Whenever I eat cayenne pepper (or other nightshades) my brain gets all inflamed. So there are a lot of land mines, and meat/dairy were never mood/sleep/energy land mines for me so now the challenge is finding new foods I can eat without problems. But if I stick with my staples I feel great.

  5. Martha – You’re probably right on there. And ironically, one of my blood pressure medications flushes out electrolytes, including potassium. How counterproductive! I’ve been supplementing with potassium but it’s still difficult to get 5000mg in a day (the US RDA is right around there). That’s a lot of supplementation. But I’m sure that’s part of the problem.

  6. SWOT

    UV light generates NO and lowers blood pressure. Try sunlight. I’d consider K2 supplements–activates proteins that gets the calcium out the arteries. Only vegan source is Natto. Animal sources are primary sources. The K mentioned in your tracker is K1. K1 ≠ K2. Tartar on teeth is a symptom of deficiency.

    Potassium – WHfoods lists

    Food Cals DRI/DV

    Beet Greens 39 37%

    Lima Beans 216 27%

    Swiss Chard 35 27%

    Sweet Potato 180 27%

    Potatoes 161 26%

    Soybeans 298 25%

    Spinach 41 24%

    Avocado 240 21%

    Pinto Beans 245 21%

    Lentils 230 21%

  7. SWOT

    P.S. IMO, K2 deficiency is the correlation between between gum disease and heart disease. I see lots of anecdotes on amazon reviews of plaque clearing up after supplementation.

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