Not Looking Good

I don’t think I’ll be able to continue eating this way.

It’s so restrictive and I’m struggling to get enough actual nutrition.  A lot of vegans rely on nightshades (potatoes, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes) and other high-histamine foods (e.g., bananas, and avocados) and they’re not too afraid of nut and seed oils.  They are also not restricting fats, as I am in order to reverse hyperglycemia (i.e. diabetes).  So I’m left with a lot of legumes that are giving me nonstop gas, dry salad leaves, and vitamin deficiencies.  I’ve started having fantasies about eating eggs, ferchrissakes.  And then there’s the wheat problem.  I think most vegans can eat carefully selected breads and tortillas – but I’m not doing well with wheat either.  When I eat it my mood takes a turn and I feel tired all day.  I stop losing weight and my hot flashes get worse.

I’d really like to get at the root of my own inflammation, but I don’t know if this is worth it.  It’s been nearly a month since I’ve eaten meat, dairy, or eggs and it’s been several days since I felt really good.  I feel like I’m relying on vitamin supplements, and my blood sugar is still too high after eating.

Maybe I’ll stay off dairy and add organ meats, seafood, and eggs back in.  I just don’t wanna anymore.

3 thoughts on “Not Looking Good

  1. Meme

    I’m just so impressed that you’re open minded enough to try new things.

    I tried to be a vegan over 20 years ago. My experience was that it made my poor health much worse because I was already struggling with major nutritional deficiencies.

    I frequently dreamt of food and had chronic gut irritation, but I was eating lots of nuts and had hypothyroidism too. Eventually I caved and added eggs back in and vividly recall how delicious they were. As you know, eggs have TONS of nutrition, I find the choline to be extremely helpful for my brain and liver. I hope they work for you if you decide to add them back to your diet.

  2. Maybe you might want to look into the T-factor diet. It allows some meats and allows fruits, vegetables and bread. It is the first way of eating that has kept me satisfied and I get ALL the nutrition (vitamins & Minerals) I need. And my BG is good and weight is coming off. You might want to visit it. Unfortunately there is not a kindle version of the book but a library or Amazon does have it in paperback. (PS. I have tried vegan, vegetarian and always felt starved even if I ate all I wanted. I need a certain amount of meat, chicken, fish to help. only 2-4 ounces at a time and about 5-6 ounces total for the day – the rest of the time if I feel I need to eat I grab a piece of fruit. )

  3. SWOT

    Theoretically you could try alternating non-mixed meals. Eat low carb for one and low fat for the other since the combination of fat + starch is more insulinogenic than either alone. Could be alternating days works ok too. Sugar (fructose/sucrose) acts like both fat and carb together in the liver.

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