Diet and Career Updates

I quit the vegan thing.  For the moment.  I am not convinced yet that eating animal products is necessarily inflammatory, and I was having trouble with vitamin and mineral deficiencies, largely because I just don’t know how to do it and don’t have much time right now to learn.  It would involve learning to cook with ingredients I’m not that familiar with yet – which I don’t mind doing – but I’m lacking time.  I’m still eating mostly plants, but when I feel like having an egg or meat I eat it and don’t stress.   My blood sugar is up again, but I’m also now eating more fat so it’s hard to identify the cause.  I’m also having small amounts of dairy and don’t feel any different in comparison to my month off of it.

What DOES seem to make a difference is that I increased my Culturelle Probiotics to twice a day.  I don’t seem to be reacting to foods much at all when I do this.  Yesterday I had nightshades (potatoes, tomato sauce), meat, small amounts of dairy (cheese), wheat/gluten, and felt great all day.  And I continue to feel great today.  The only thing that I’ve really changed is that now I’m having Culturelle twice a day – I started this last week around the time I stopped vegan-ing.  So I’m leaning toward my health problems being largely driven by inflammation (with the mood swings related to brain inflammation) secondary to release of cytokines, perhaps due to high-histamine foods, which is (thankfully) modulated to some extent by Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG (Culturelle).  Do I have evidence for this?  Like real evidence?  Science?  Not yet but I’m going to do some research.  Stay tuned.

I also quit my job.  Well, the main one.  I have several.  The one where I’m supposed to be there at a certain time, until a certain time and which supplies me with health insurance – that one I quit.  Well, gave notice.  And my stress level has dropped significantly.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time – years.  But I’ve been afraid to leave the security of a “real job” with benefits.  We don’t have a lot of money saved, and my husband is currently unemployed, but I think staying in a job you don’t like can’t possibly be good for your health – even if it has good health insurance.  I do have some work I do from home which I’m hoping to grow, and I have other ideas for generating income from home, but this is very much a risk for me.  I’m betting on myself though.

6 thoughts on “Diet and Career Updates

  1. Toni – this is a new one! I’m intrigued after reading the blog post, and am looking forward to watching the video he recommends. Thank you!

  2. Ok, the video was really interesting (here: but the other supporting references offered by Kendrick didn’t spell things out for me as much as I’d hoped. One recommends a low-carb diet and the other just talks about how current T2D meds don’t actually help you live longer and can even shorten life if prescribed for aggressive treatment of T2D. When you suggest DPP-4 enzymes, is that related to the glucagon thing somehow? Or is that a separate topic?

    I’m convinced. So any thoughts on how best to lower glucagon?

    Edited to add: Are these the compounds you’re referring to?

    Ok edited again because I’m ridiculous: This article names a bunch of herbs at the end including Chaga mushroom, holy basil, berberine and bitter melon that have been studied as DPP-4 inhibitors. Very interesting!

  3. Toni

    My understanding is not complete. The body is amazing. I’ve tried some of these herbs myself and I feel them, and it isn’t good for me. I think it lowers BG too much, then an Immune response. That is my experience. DPP-4 dysregulation for sure. I’m a bit leary of some of the PubMed studies.

  4. Thanks Toni – good information. I’m thinking about trying one of these herbs to see if there’s an effect. Either way this is really interesting!

  5. Toni


    just pay attention to your body when you do experiment. I have read several places that these might induce pancreatic attack, so start small, no, all in, until your body tells you it is OK.” I think the biggest caution is low blood sugar or hypoglycemia as I think it is worse than hyperglycemia!

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