Let the Healing Begin

I quit my full-time job.  Friday was my last day.

As I lay in bed meditating the next morning I realized that the stress of my job had nothing to do with overwhelming responsibilities, or being busy, or the commute, or obnoxious coworkers…it was the social interaction.  It was having to talk to people all the time.  My whole life I’ve been fighting against the part of me that is quiet and doesn’t feel like talking much.  I’ve learned to look like an outgoing person when I need to – to make appropriate small talk and to be a good listener, to share just enough about myself but not too much.  I’m not a natural when it comes to unwritten social rules, so believe me when I say they took years to learn.

So now that I’m not working I can turn off the act.  I don’t have to be that person anymore – lighting up like a Christmas tree when someone walks into my office.  I should mention that I really love people.  However, my job was in Human Services.  I was constantly having to talk to people and often wade through socially uncertain waters.  But no more.

So many health conditions are related to stress.  What might happen when I’m only doing work I like and that feeds my soul and makes me proud of who I am?  I kind of can’t wait to see.  I’ll also be focusing on more meditation, more movement, more red light, more cooking and less compromising on food quality.  So I expect this to be the start of a very positive change.

Here’s something interesting.  I can eat anything now – well, I haven’t tested everything, but a whole lotta things.   The only thing is, I need to take 2 Culturelle probiotics per day.  If I take 2 a day I have no intolerances.  Isn’t that interesting?