Wednesday Updates

A couple of updates:

  • I confronted my sister who has Hashimoto’s about her diet.  I gave her my most heartfelt plea that she at least do some research on what may have caused it.  I included links to this most excellent podcast I listened to a couple days ago on autoimmunity, as well as a bunch of links and book recommendations. She emailed back at 2:00AM (hm…not sleeping well?) and made it clear that she didn’t care what I had to say and plans on continuing along.   I didn’t think she’d believe me.  After all, who would believe a non-doctor (or even a doctor for that matter) who says the medical establishment and it’s standard diet and chronic disease management strategies are all bullshit.  I said what I had to say though, and that’s all I can do.
  • My hormones are on the way.  I should have them this week.  Looking forward to starting them.  I’ve been getting a little weepy in the last 24 hours…my TOM may be around the corner.  But really…who knows.
  • BAB this morning:  Baked salmon with eggs and a few shrimp.

I have to go already.