“There’s a lot wrong with you.”

Well, I have to tell you…Having a consult with Dr. Kruse was the best thing I could have done right now.  I feel overwhelmed by the whole thing…mostly because of the things I learned about myself and my family, and the implications this has for going forward.  I keep trying to remember this is about putting one foot in front of the other, and that regrets are pointless.  But it doesn’t matter.  I feel how I feel and I guess I just have to let that be ok.  Stupid emotions.  Whatever.  Probably hormones.

So here’s what happened.

Dr. K. called at the appointed time (a few minutes early actually) and launched right into it.  Let me tell you, he pulls no punches.  He is very blunt and I’m sure also aware of the time constraints of the call – no time for subtleties or small talk.  One of my favorite quotes from the conversation:  “There’s a lot wrong with you.”  The man barely stopped for a breath the entire half hour.  It was exactly as I had hoped.  I took notes the whole time, unable to get my Skype recording software to work.

In a nutshell, my biggest problem appears to be my hormones…specifically my progesterone/estrogen (Pg/E2) ratio, which is, and I quote, “horrible.”

“You want to know what your problem is?  Why you can’t lose weight? That’s it. Done.”

He reviewed my family history – specifically the health problems my mother and grandmother have had – and my labs, and said that there’s a link between all three of us – we all have low progesterone.  That accounts for my grandmother’s cancer, my mothers current health problems, and my current health problems.  He said that everything in my labs and family history adds up to that, and nothing contradicts it.  If I don’t change something he says I’m setting myself up for breast cancer or ovarian cancer (which my grandmother died from).

Cancer?  But I was worried about heart disease!  Cancer never really crossed my mind.  Isn’t that funny?  You know…in the ironic sense?

Hahahaha….ah yes…we laugh to keep from crying…

I think the best way to relay the rest of what I learned from this call is a list.  I’m not feeling creative enough to make it narrative.  So here we go:

  • My increasingly severe PMS and irregular periods indicate I’m probably closer to menopause than I think.
  • My infertility and labs indicate I may have PCOS, and he was surprised I hadn’t been diagnosed with it while trying to get pregnant.  (I know absolutely nothing about PCOS, so I can’t even comment on this right now.)
  • My family pattern is low progesterone – my grandmother, mother, and I all share it, and almost certainly my daughter will too.  The fact that I had her late in life increases that probability, as older eggs are lower in progesterone.  I have the opportunity to fix this in her and stop the family pattern by getting her off dairy and off grains.  He said if she’s low in Vitamin D that would be an indicator that her body isn’t making enough progesterone.  Dietary changes implemented before age 6 could help or even fix this epigenetic problem in her – the earlier the better.  (I’m not sure exactly why age 6 is the threshold – I assume it has to do with a certain degree of brain development being completed by then.)
  • I need to find an anti-aging doctor or a functional medicine practitioner who will be willing to prescribe Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) even though I’m not yet menopausal.
  • My having had gestational diabetes while pregnant increases my child’s risk of becoming diabetic 60%.
  • I’m probably hypothyroid.
  • I probably have stage 3 or 4 adrenal fatigue.  But – thankfully – “Your adrenal isn’t completely dead.”  All right!!
  • The order of awfulness in my health is as follows:
    • 1.  my Pg/E2 ratio
    • 2.  My adrenal fatigue / “cortisol issue”
    • 3.  My thyroid function
  • I shouldn’t drink alcohol at all.  It will cause a problem with my brain that increases my risk of breast cancer.  Maybe someday I could have some alcohol, “But not right now.”
  • I should use supplements for liver support: NAC, Milk thistle, Reseveratrol, Coconut Oil, Tumeric, CoQ10 Ubiquinol.  He liked that I’m taking Calcium D-Glucarate for the management of my estrogen (which is high).
  • I should be taking more Vitamin C.
  • I have too much artificial light in my life – he knew this by my high AM cortisol level, compared with the other cortisol levels throughout the day, which are all low-normal.
  • I should stop drinking so much water and drink green tea instead, which will help with the hormonal imbalance.
  • My daughter and I should both have genetic testing done.  (I’m not sure exactly what information this would yield…there was just not a lot of time for questions and this is one of them I didn’t ask).
  • I should watch his webinar on hormone replacement therapy (recorded just last weekend.  I wanted to see it but I was traveling while it was taking place).
  • My prognosis is good if I keep my diet clean (no grains, no dairy, no alcohol) and get BHRT.  My daughter’s prognosis is also good if I change her diet.  “You control her epigenetics.”

I talked all this over with my husband and he’s on board with doing everything necessary to fix this problem.  We were in the car while discussing it and made a stop to buy additional supplements (Vitamin C, Resveratrol, CoQ10 Ubiquinol, Milk Thistle, and Tumeric) and green tea.  I joined as a paying member of Kruse’s site so I can watch a recording of the webinar on BHRT (haven’t been able to access it yet…a technical glitch that I hope is resolved soon.)  After I watch the webinar, which he says contains info for finding a doctor, I’ll get busy finding a doctor.  I live 2 hours from Chicago so I hope there’s someone within that radius that can help me.

David and I talked about getting our little one off dairy.  We’re going to do it gradually, and be sure we have plenty of preferred food that is nutritionally equivalent to milk/cheese.  I need to research this.  All I know for sure is that our last experiment with getting her off dairy went so poorly…I need to be mindful about this and be sure she’s eating enough high-quality food as we taper off the milk.

As I mentioned, I didn’t ask many questions during the consult.  I didn’t go into it prepared with a list of questions as I should have, plus the experience was overwhelming and I kind of lost my head.  The one question I most regret not asking was about CT.  Is there any point in continuing these cold baths as long as my hormones are all messed up?  I know I haven’t been enjoying them as much lately, and they’re taking up a significant chunk of my free time every day – time I could be using to get my consulting work done or to do yoga or otherwise relax.  I’m thinking about putting CT on hold for a while and getting the rest of my life in order.  If I’m going to be getting testing done soon with a new doctor I’d like my body to settle down and stop detoxing (I still get weirdly-timed emotional flares, which suggest there’s still excess estrogen in my system related to doing the CT).

During the call, it seemed pointless to ask about exercise and leaky gut stuff.  Those are details I’ll get to later after tackling the massive problem of preventing cancer.

So here’s my plan:

  • Add the new supplements to my regimen. (<–done)
  • Drink loads of green tea (this one is easy!)
  • Tighten up diet (no more dairy, no alcohol, otherwise do what I’ve been doing)
  • Stop CT for now.
  • Watch webinar on BHRT.
  • Find a doctor, make appointment, go see him/her.
  • Fix hormones.

I sense a long road ahead.

But really…what else am I doing that’s more important than this?

Ups and Downs – Updated

Feeling a little discouraged today.  Could it be moodiness related to quitting the DIM two days ago?  Perhaps.  Cuz I didn’t feel so hot emotionally yesterday either.  Started taking it again today.  Even if it is responsible for a few minor headaches (of which I’m not really convinced), if it helps me handle CT detox issues, it’s worth it.  I think it’s time for a good/bad segment.  It feels like it might be mostly bad today, so lets start with that.

The Bad

  • Yesterday’s CT wasn’t fun.  It was 35 minutes at 49 deg F.  Nothing I haven’t done before but it just felt cold and not much fun.  I don’t know why – I was well-rested and had eaten a decent dinner an hour before.  Oh well…maybe there’s no obvious reason I’m less cold-tolerant some days. I’ve been trying to stay in 40 minutes now, and didn’t want to stay in past 35.  Hopefully today will be better.
  • WordPress has been acting up on Firefox:  I tried to blog earlier and it wouldn’t let me type anything into my post.  Gave up twice.  Finally switched to Chrome.  Thank you for being cooperative, Chrome.
  • Had labs done today.  Our local hospital does monthly cholesterol screenings, including a fasting blood glucose check, all for $30.  Not a bad deal, and no silly statin-happy doctor involved. So David and I went to have ours checked.  He’s been following a Paleo diet but not the Leptin Rx or CT.  I’ve been doing the Leptin Rx + CT.  His labs improved.  Mine got worse.  I know it was prolly dumb for me to test now, considering I’m still experiencing detox symptoms related to CT.  I thought since my blood sugar has been improved lately, maybe other things have too.  Well, no.  So I was hoping for a psychological boost and didn’t get one.  The worst part is this: I tested my fasting blood sugar before I left home and it was 92.  Then at the lab, 45 minutes later, it was 105.  Huh?  So now I’m wondering if my glucometer or test strips are unreliable.  I may have to get another one to do a reliability check.  In any case, Labs…bad.  Plus I had to delay my BAB which didn’t make me happy.  My body has become very accustomed to eating right away upon waking.

So specifics…Here are the sad numbers:

3/14/12 3/28/12 6/12/2012
Cholesterol, Total 238 222 250
Triglycerides 112 107 131
LDL Cholesterol 165 147 180
HDL Cholesterol 52 54 44
So my HDL dropped 10 points?  Can detox do that?  I sort of expected the LDL to rise…but the Triglycerides?  I ate some carbs 2 or 3 weeks ago…but other than that, nothing but veggies, meat, fat, and some nuts…and a little dark chocolate here and there.  How did my HDL drop?  Is it because I’m not eating as much coconut oil as I was for a while there?


The Good

  • David is watching the little one right now, which means I can go take a CB.  Bye for now.

Update: CB tonight at 49 deg F for 35 minutes.  Easier getting in and most of the time felt pretty good.  Still didn’t feel like staying in past 35 minutes though, and it took me a long time to warm up.  Oh well.  Keep plugging away.  Some days make up for the other days.


I was determined yesterday to have a 50 degree cold bath.  I bought 40 pounds of ice and put it in the tub with our frustratingly-warm 64 degree tap water…and viola! 50 degrees!  So let me just tell you…the 7 or 8 degrees between my previous low water temperature and 50 is…significant.  It was very hard to get in.  Took about 5 minutes for me to get fully submerged, including lots of “holy sh**!” and “OMGOMGOMGOMG.”  I have to say though, after I was finally submerged and numb it was WONDERFUL.  I’m not sure what it is about these cold baths that causes euphoria.  I’m sure there’s some biochemical thing going on there, because objectively it’s not all that exciting – it’s just lying in water. I stayed in for 30 minutes but I could have stayed longer.  I was starting to notice small muscle-shivers so I got out.

Afterward I was shivery for about a half hour, and stayed air-conditioned feeling till I went to bed.  Nothing I haven’t experienced before at warmer temps.  Here are the things I noticed that were different after a 50 degree bath, vs. a bath that’s 10 degrees warmer:

  • My hands didn’t work well after the bath, and I didn’t have full dexterity again before bed.  Clearly my body was shutting down blood flow to the extremities.  I’ve noticed that in the past, but this was to a much greater extent.  I tried typing about an hour after the tub and it took 3 times longer than usual.
  • My skin was much drier and tighter feeling after this soak than usual.
  • I’m down 3 pounds this morning (probably all water weight, but still.)

I notice when I’m cold after a bath it’s my natural inclination to cover up with clothes and blankets.  That’s because in the past, cold has always been an insult from outside my body.  Now if I put clothing on after a cold soak, it traps the cold IN.  I notice that if I put any clothing on, the part of me that’s covered stays cold while the part of me exposed to the (warmer) air warms up faster.  It’s hard to resist that urge to put things on, but I’m going to try.  I also keep my hat on the entire warming-up time.  Maybe that helps speed the warming process too, trapping in core body heat.

It was hard to get in water that cold, but if that’s what it takes to kill my appetite and cause the hormonal and physiological changes that Dr. K talks about, then I’m going to find a way to do it.  I’m going to start looking online for a used commercial ice maker.

I decided it’s silly to try to avoid coconut oil in the interest of seeing if i have some rare intolerance to it.  It’s my primary source of dietary fat these days.  Just going to continue on as I have been, diet-wise. I think I may also lay off the progesterone cream.  It seems to have helped my mood last month, but if the CT is going to causing positive changes I’d rather not be confusing my body with additional hormone supplements.  I don’t know…maybe I’ll use it just when I’m feeling moody.

Posting will be minimal over the next week.  I’m going to be traveling with just my iPad, which I don’t type very well on.  I’m hoping our hotel has a well-stocked ice machine.

Learning the Hard Way

Had CB #15 on Saturday.  It was 61 deg F going in, 63 when I came out after 30 minutes, with skin temps of 64.  It felt cold…started shivering at about 20-25 minutes.  It’s not as much fun when I shiver in the water.  It wasn’t too bad warming up afterwards though – took an hour total, I think.  I think this is the first time I’ve actually shivered in the water…I have shivered after the tub a few times.

So we got our ice problems solved, I think.  Bought a freezer on Craigs List for $100 – David drove about an hour and a half each way to get it, and then brought it home and cleaned it up for me.  Love that man.  Anyway, it’s big enough to hold lots of gallons of water.  I figure I’ll freeze 5 or 6 gallons and put them in the tub in the morning – then it’ll be nice and cold when I get home from work.  It’s time to get the tub down to 50 deg.  At the price of bagged ice, this thing will pay for itself in 25 days.  Plus I can use it to store meat that I buy in bulk and hopefully pay less for it per pound.

Yesterday I felt like crap.  I tried to follow the Dave Asprey Bulletproof Coffee plan – nothing but coffee in the morning. I even have Dave’s Upgraded Coffee beans to give it a real test.  Drank 2 big mugs of the stuff, with lots of butter and coconut oil in it…and I was hungry an hour later.  Didn’t bother waiting till lunch…I just ate, because I wasn’t about to be hungry for 5 or 6 hours.  Even after eating I felt like eating more.  I ate a bunch of stupid junk like an entire 86% chocolate bar (like 3 oz) and some french fries.  I have no interest in eating a bunch of crap normally anymore…this experience really supports the power of the BAB.  Back on track this morning – 9oz of pastured pork and mushrooms sauteed in ghee.  Ah…I feel much better.  No more coffee for breakfast.  I don’t care what’s in it.

I’ve gotten sloppy lately by eating dairy (cheese – a few oz a week) and regular butter, as well as onions and other nightshades on occasion.  I need to stop that.  I felt sick to my stomach yesterday.  Just meat and veggies for a while.  I think I’ll even cut out the recreational coconut oil/cream for a little while.

Dr. K says that when you’re Leptin Sensitive it doesn’t matter how many calories you eat because your body will get rid of the excess through heat.  It does matter how many calories you eat when you’re Leptin Resistant, however, as the body isn’t that efficient.  Colder water, fewer overall calories.  These are my immediate goals for now.  I have a lot of damage to undo, and I believe these to be the right way to do it.

Leptin Rx: Week 10, Day 1

Ok…a few updates.

The Good:

  • Sleep is excellent lately.  I’ve been falling asleep easily and sleeping 8 hours a night.  Usually I wake up around 2 or 3 but I go right back to sleep.  I wake up feeling rested.
  • I’ve lost a couple pounds over the last week or so.  We’ll see if it continues.
  • I was near a World Market store over the weekend and bought a bunch of 99% chocolate bars.  Dr. K. says he eats these.  I have a hard time believing they’re really 99% cocoa because they’re so good, and taste sweeter than that.  The label says the ingredients are “chocolate liquor” and sugar, with a total carbohydrate count of 14 per serving (half a bar), 7 of which is fiber and 1 of which is sugar.  I wonder what the other 6 is?  Anyway, they’re pretty yummy.
  • Fasting blood sugar continues to hover in the high 90s.
  • I’ve ordered another test kit from ZRT to test progesterone and estrogen again, this time paying closer attention to the day of the month.  I’m reasonably sure I’m estrogen dominant, but I’d like real numbers to compare over time, not guesses.  It should arrive this week, and perhaps I’ll have results in a week or so.
  • I’m developing a plan of action, once the test results are in.  If I’m low progesterone I’ll be supplementing with progesterone cream.  If I’m not low progesterone but I am high estrogen I’ll probably take DIM and/or Calcium D-Glucarate.  DIM is a phytonutrient found in broccoli and other calciferous vegetables that promotes healthy estrogen metabolism.  Calcium D-Glucarate keeps estrogen from being reabsorbed and aids the liver in detoxification to get rid of excess estrogens.  In any case, I’ll wait and see what the labs say.

The Bad:

  • The DHEA was really a bad idea for me.  I learned a valuable lesson in all this.  Just because someone on the internet says something is a good idea, doesn’t mean you should just blindly go out and try it without doing your own research.  Dr. Kruse actually says within his recommendation of DHEA, “DHEA decreases IL-6 in a dose dependent fashion but its use must be done with consultation with a physician,” so this is completely on me.  What I’ve learned is that DHEA is actually a pretty powerful hormone and probably shouldn’t be taken without testing to see if you actually need it.  Many people report great effects, similar to those you would expect when first taking anabolic steroids – improved performance and energy, increased sex drive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound…that kind of thing.  For me, however, I think it may have been responsible for my exceptionally erratic moods and weird/irregular cycle last month.  DHEA increases testosterone and estrogen (which I don’t need).  It made my breasts sore too.  And it made my bras tight.  Yuck.  Anyway, I think Dr. Kruse’s recommendations are generally good…but as he says himself…question everything.  The half life of DHEA is 10-12 hours according to various sources.  I’m hoping most of it is out of my system when I do my progesterone/estrogen testing this Friday.
  • I was unusually hungry yesterday.  Could it be the 99% chocolate that I ate in the morning?  I did it again this morning to see if I have the same experience today.  Also just cuz it’s yummy chocolate.
  • I had a conversation with my mom and dad over Easter about nutrition.  I don’t expect them to go all Paleo or all Leptin Rx or anything, but I was hoping to introduce them to some ideas that might improve the quality of their life.  I brought the abstracts from 12-15 scientific articles about coconut oil, many of which focused on the cognitive benefits of consuming medium chain triglycerides (MCTs).  I also gave them Wheat Belly and The Trans Fat Solution.  I showed them my own lab work and told them my life and health was getting better, not worse, by eating lots of fat.  My dad was very much interested in all of this.  That made me feel great.  He also loved the Nutiva Coconut Manna.  My mom was still eating margarine when I left on Sunday.  It took all of my self restraint to not throw that damn trans-fat in the trash before I left.  But this isn’t about me.  As I told them, my interest lies in just getting the right information into their hands.  They can make their own decisions.  Still, it would be nice if my mom gave my opinion and research a wee bit more credit.  Maybe she’ll come around.

I guess that’s it for my current updates.  Continuing on with the Leptin Reset…indefinitely.

Leptin Rx: Week 3, Day 5

The Good:

  • My sleep is regular and satisfying and I wake up refreshed these days.  I’m basically sleeping 10PM – 6AM.  Some days I have to get up an hour earlier and I make up for it the next night by going to bed earlier.
  • Meals are satisfying.  You would think eating meat and veggies would get old, but I’m usually ready to eat by the time a meal rolls around, so it always tastes good.

The Bad:

  • I was trying to work around an appointment last night and ate dinner too early.  Plus I didn’t eat enough.  So I had to eat more later in the evening.  I’ve been good about sticking to 3 meals and no snacks, and it was just poor planning that resulted in an extra small meal.  I didn’t eat things that were off plan…just the timing was off plan.  But Dr. K. says timing is the most important part.  Anyway, I’ll have to plan better.
  • I totally lied when I said I wasn’t going to weigh myself anymore.  Well, is it a lie if I meant it at the time but then didn’t follow through?  No, I think that’s not a lie…that’s cheating.  Whatever –  It’s bad!  Anyway, I have continued weighing myself.  I may as well give up though…the scale is stuck at 187 for now.

That brings me to another point.  How messed up is my metabolism that I can eat as few carbohydrates as I’m currently eating and not lose weight?  I’m eating less than 20 grams a day (making this a ketogenic diet) and I’ve been at/around 187 since 10 days ago.  I remind myself that the purpose of the Leptin Rx is not to lose weight – it’s to retrain my brain so that it becomes leptin sensitive again.  And once I’m leptin sensitive, weight loss will ostensibly be easy.  Well, this I’ve got to see!

I have become fascinated by coconut oil.  How is it that an oil can do all these marvelous things?  It’s touted as anti bacterial, anti viral, anti aging, great for energy, metabolism, weight loss…the list goes on.  So I did my own research.  Fortunately a lot of great peer-reviewed articles on this subject are aggregated at the Coconut Research Center. Here’s what some of the science says:

Regarding metabolic syndrome:

Experimental studies demonstrate that dietary MCFAs/MCTs suppress fat deposition through enhanced thermogenesis and fat oxidation in animal and human subjects. Additionally, several reports suggest that MCFAs/MCTs offer the therapeutic advantage of preserving insulin sensitivity in animal models and patients with type 2 diabetes.

Here’s another study that compared women (N=40) with “abdominal obesity” – half the women supplemented with soybean oil and half with coconut oil (30mL/day).  All women were instructed to eat a reduced calorie diet and walk 50 minutes a day.  At the end of the study both groups had lost weight, but only the group given coconut oil had increased HDL cholesterol and decreased waist circumference.  The soybean oil group had increased total cholesterol and decreased HDL cholesterol.  Their conclusion:

It appears that dietetic supplementation with coconut oil does not cause dyslipidemia and seems to promote a reduction in abdominal obesity.

So coconut oil does not result in poor lab work and it does reduce abdominal fat. Well that’s good.  Because that’s what I need.

Leptin Rx – Day 5

What I’m noticing so far:


No cravings for carbs.  None.  I don’t think about it at all.  This is a big contrast to when I was just doing low-carb, and I was feeling very driven to find a substitute for candy.  I was making erythritol-based chocolate candy that was fairly tasty, but was insulinogenic (is that a word?).  One day I ate my low-carb chocolate on an empty stomach and did blood-glucose testing before and after.  Before: 120.  An hour later: 90. This tells me that while the artificial sweetener did not increase my blood sugar, it did stimulate insulin, which made my blood sugar drop.  This is why artificial sweeteners cause weight gain.  They stimulate insulin, which signals the cells to store fat, and they cause a blood sugar drop which makes you hungry. Needless to say, I have stopped eating artificial sweeteners altogether.

No snack stress.  I love not having to worry about having snacks with me all the time.  I would get hungry all the time when I was eating just low-carb.  Now I know I’m not going to be snacking between meals so I eat enough to last me hours.  It’s fabulous and easy.

Losing Weight – Today’s weight – 188.8.  That’s about 4 pounds lost since I started this program, and 2 pounds lower than I was able to get on low-carb alone.  In 4 days.

THE BAD (Hopefully not for long)

Sleep is still unsettled.  I’m going to bed/sleep earlier, partly because I don’t have caffeine streaming through my blood all day long, partly because I’m realizing the importance of sleep to correct hormonal balance, and partly because the Leptin Rx program says to darken your rooms after sunset…so I’ve been doing that and I think my body is getting the message it’s time to sleep earlier.  I still wake up a lot at night, and not yet waking up refreshed.  I’m getting a lot of sleep now though, but it’s broken up with lots of waking and going back to sleep – at least 4-5 times a night since I started this.  I don’t like this part.  But right now, I’ll say any change is good.  It indicates something is happening.

For the last several days I’ve had lots of muscle aches.  I’ve taken ibuprofen the last 3 mornings in a row around 8:30AM when they seem to get bad.  I’m not sure if this is related to my sleep somehow.  Today I’m not feeling sore.  Maybe this has something to do with the reset…it’s certainly something different.  I haven’t been exercising.  In fact I completely stopped exercising during the reset…so it’s not exercise-related.

Still feeling a little too much hunger between meals, but still it’s manageable by drinking water.  I’m increasing my fat intake at meals to see if that helps. One thing I like though is I never feel hungry going to bed.  Used to be that if I wanted to lose weight I had to go to bed hungry.  No more.

The Big Ass Breakfast (BAB) is a challenge! –  According to the comments in Dr. Kruse’ blog, this is a common issue…it’s worth it though, to have hope of a healthier future.

Alienation – My friends don’t want to hear the phrases “blood sugar” or “wheat protein addiction” or “insulin spike” ever again.  I bet they’ll want to know all about it though, after I’m healthy and fabulous.  I suppose I’ll forgive them…

One weird thing…over the past several mornings my fasting blood glucose has been fairly stable:

  • 2/7: 123
  • 2/8: 119
  • 2/9: 125
  • 2/10: 115

And then today?  137!  I tested again, and it said 133.  That’s just weird.  The only thing different was yesterday I received my shipment of Nutiva Organic Coconut Manna.  It’s 100% coconut – here’s some info on it from the writer of a review on Amazon, who called the company seeking info on the product:

ABOUT THE PRODUCT: It is a whole-food product, meaning it is 100% coconut with very little processing. The difference between this and coconut oil is that coconut oil is put through a cold expresser process to get the oil out. Both are fresh-harvest coconuts that are dried, but the Manna is ground into a very fine powder right after drying. Then, they add some of their coconut oil.

It is highly recommended by Dr. Kruse.  It’s pretty delicious and I had 2-3 tablespoons of it last night.  I’m going to have to test it with my glucometer on an empty stomach to see if it has an effect on blood sugar.  I hope not!  By the way, here’s a great article on the benefits of coconut oil.

One thing I did learn is that the manna is not good for sauteing eggs.  It turns brown and burns quickly.  I’ll have to get some regular coconut oil for that.  I expect this paleo way of life is going to be become a bit expensive (at least for me, someone who has gotten used to cheap groceries).  But what better to spend our money on than our health.  This just needs to be prioritized.