The Search Continues

CT last night was 30 minutes at 51 deg F.  The first 5 minutes was a little hard but then the rest was pretty delightful.  I took core temps before, during and after again.  They were as follows:

  • Before: 97.2
  • During: 98.9
  • 5 min after: 98.2
  • 10 min after: 97.1
  • 15 min after: 97.1
  • 20 min after: 97.2

So my core temp didn’t drop as much this time.  I wonder why.  Shivering afterward lasted only about 5 minutes.

I’ve decided I’m only taking baths in the low 50s F now.  I’ve worked my way down and I’m ready for it now, so doing anything warmer just doesn’t make sense – plus, warm temps are actually harder.  The search for a new (used) freezer is on…I have 3 Craigslist leads.  Hopefully one of them will pan out better than the last one.  The 1-liter bottles aren’t working for me.  It doesn’t get the water cold enough and it’s too much hassle.  Gallon jugs are a little better –  fewer things to bother with – but I need more of them to bring the temp down enough.

Must go for now.  Perhaps an update later.

The Cheapskate’s Guide to CT

My quest continues to make cheap ice.

Here’s what I did yesterday:

  1. 1 hour before bath, retrieved 10 1-liter bottles of ice from kitchen freezer, and added to 100-gal of tub water.
  2. Just prior to bath, empty water from bottles into the tub.
  3. When bath is over, fill bottles again with tub water and return to freezer.

Doing this I dropped the temp of the bath from 66 to 60.  I could probably get it down to 58 just by letting the freezie-pops sit in the water longer.  They weren’t completely melted a hour after adding them.  So I’m going to finish clearing out my freezer (I can only eat so much fish and chicken at a time!) and then add more bottled water.  I’m gonna get this beeotch down to 50!  For free.

So CT yesterday was 30 minutes at 60 degrees.  The water was 61 at the end.  I didn’t love it, and felt a little cold throughout.  Just not cold enough water, and I don’t think I ate enough for dinner.  As always, though, there is a period of time there that I feel my body heat up and it feels great.  I’ve been avoiding clothing as long as possible after the baths and it really helps with warming up faster.  No shivering yesterday at all.

We sold our house yesterday.  One less stressor.  Yep, I’m looking at you, Cortisol.  Now go away.

Darn…have to go to work already. Bye.

In Hot Water

A quick set of updates before I go off to work…

In my microcosm…

  • Freezer appears to have died already.  Got a good solid day of use out of it though!  Oh well…these are the risks we take with craigslist items.  Not sure what my plan will be going forward re: ice.
  • I am now declaring a moratorium on using “hot” or “cold” in the titles of my blog posts.
  • I’m no longer avoiding coconut manna or oil.  I was really hungry yesterday.  I’m done screwing around with my diet.  No more attempting to follow the Leptin Reset and “kinda” restrict calories too.  If I don’t lose weight after 6 months of the Reset and CT then I’ll declare it ineffective for weight loss.  In the meantime, I’m just going to do what I have to do for my body and not try to deprive myself – by following a ketogenic Paleo template and eating as much as my body needs to not feel hungry.
  • Had CB #18 yesterday.  Water 62 deg F for 30 minutes.  Felt cool throughout the time, but not cold.  I don’t feel chilled afterward at all – just sort of like my body is air conditioned.  The CBs have just become part of my routine now.

In the Paleo Macrocosm:  Jack Kruse is in the hot seat again.

He’s being called a liar for things he seems to have put on Facebook which clearly are not true.  He insists his Facebook page was hacked.  You know, even if JK does lie, he could still be a brilliant/crazed individual with amazing insight into human physiology.  I choose to believe this.

For the last 3 months that I’ve followed Dr. K’s advice I have been FREE of emotional eating.  That has been the greatest accomplishment I can imagine, after 20+ years of struggling with it.  Jack Kruse and his Leptin Reset protocol has helped me to feel better most days, taught me how to take control of my own health, and has ENDED my emotional eating.  My labs are improving, I’m off all of my prescription medications, I have energy to play with my daughter now, and I feel optimistic about my health and future in a way I didn’t back in January.  Even if this all ends up poorly, I feel grateful to have found Dr. K. and I’ll continue to follow his dietary and health recommendations.

Current Mission: Getting Colder

Had CB #16 yesterday and CB #17 today.  Yesterday the water was in the low 60’s for 35 minutes – hadn’t yet set up the freezer and ice yet.  Today’s was 57 for 30 minutes.  I won’t bore you with the details, but to get it even that low required carrying 40 pounds of ice (5 frozen gallons of water) up and down the stairs several times.  Whew.  I guess this counts as “lifting heavy things.” We’re tweaking the ice-in-the-tub plan, but suffice it to say I’ll be lifting lots of heavy water jugs this summer.

New developments:

  • I now wear my favorite hat every time I do CT. It’s a super warm fleece hat I used to wear taking the train around Chicago. It really makes a difference.  If part of you is warm, you just don’t feel as cold.  Plus it maintains the core body temp, which is important…you know, for survival and all…
  • I got tired of watching Ruby during CT.  She’s really lovable and all, but a little Ruby goes a long way.  Now I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy – from the start of Season 1.  I’ve never seen it before and always heard good things.  It’s perfect – each show is about 40 minutes long – just long enough to prepare, soak, and towel off for a CT session.
  • In an effort to start dropping pounds, I’m taking a break from my coconut manna.  And I don’t really notice a big difference in my hunger.  I find that I get much hungrier if I skimp on protein than if I cut back some of the extra fat.  I’m still eating fat, don’t get me wrong…just not with a spoon.  I’m also loading up more broccoli and mushrooms – both are good for managing extra estrogen in the system.
  • I find that I really look forward to my cold baths now.  I never dread it, and some days (like today) I just can’t wait.  It’s really kind of odd, because when I’m actually in the tub I’m definitely a clock-watcher…looking forward to getting out.  There’s something about it though that is oddly addictive.

Have I mentioned how much I love my BAB in the morning now?  It really is the key to my physical well being these days.  The out of control wanting-to-snack feeling I had a couple days ago when I didn’t have the BAB was a significant reminder to me…I used to feel that way every day.  I hated it.  And back in those days I blamed myself for it.  Now I believe that so much of what we do and what we eat is ruled by physiology, by biological processes – not by character flaws or by will power.  The fact that i didn’t think once about snacking today has NOTHING to do with my emotions.  I was as emotionally unstable today as I am most days.  But I didn’t feel like eating.  “Emotional Eaters” everywhere: Eat a big breakfast.  It’s magical.

Learning the Hard Way

Had CB #15 on Saturday.  It was 61 deg F going in, 63 when I came out after 30 minutes, with skin temps of 64.  It felt cold…started shivering at about 20-25 minutes.  It’s not as much fun when I shiver in the water.  It wasn’t too bad warming up afterwards though – took an hour total, I think.  I think this is the first time I’ve actually shivered in the water…I have shivered after the tub a few times.

So we got our ice problems solved, I think.  Bought a freezer on Craigs List for $100 – David drove about an hour and a half each way to get it, and then brought it home and cleaned it up for me.  Love that man.  Anyway, it’s big enough to hold lots of gallons of water.  I figure I’ll freeze 5 or 6 gallons and put them in the tub in the morning – then it’ll be nice and cold when I get home from work.  It’s time to get the tub down to 50 deg.  At the price of bagged ice, this thing will pay for itself in 25 days.  Plus I can use it to store meat that I buy in bulk and hopefully pay less for it per pound.

Yesterday I felt like crap.  I tried to follow the Dave Asprey Bulletproof Coffee plan – nothing but coffee in the morning. I even have Dave’s Upgraded Coffee beans to give it a real test.  Drank 2 big mugs of the stuff, with lots of butter and coconut oil in it…and I was hungry an hour later.  Didn’t bother waiting till lunch…I just ate, because I wasn’t about to be hungry for 5 or 6 hours.  Even after eating I felt like eating more.  I ate a bunch of stupid junk like an entire 86% chocolate bar (like 3 oz) and some french fries.  I have no interest in eating a bunch of crap normally anymore…this experience really supports the power of the BAB.  Back on track this morning – 9oz of pastured pork and mushrooms sauteed in ghee.  Ah…I feel much better.  No more coffee for breakfast.  I don’t care what’s in it.

I’ve gotten sloppy lately by eating dairy (cheese – a few oz a week) and regular butter, as well as onions and other nightshades on occasion.  I need to stop that.  I felt sick to my stomach yesterday.  Just meat and veggies for a while.  I think I’ll even cut out the recreational coconut oil/cream for a little while.

Dr. K says that when you’re Leptin Sensitive it doesn’t matter how many calories you eat because your body will get rid of the excess through heat.  It does matter how many calories you eat when you’re Leptin Resistant, however, as the body isn’t that efficient.  Colder water, fewer overall calories.  These are my immediate goals for now.  I have a lot of damage to undo, and I believe these to be the right way to do it.

No title comes to mind today.

Had CB #12 yesterday.  Water was 63 deg F to start, 64 at the end.  Felt good, but I was happy to be done.  My schedule didn’t allow for going out and getting ice yesterday, and I probably won’t today.  I really just need to find a happy little used freezer on Craigs List so I can freeze my own.  Still looking.

Weight is the same, around 185.

I’ve been having a ton of energy in the evenings after my CBs.  It’s making me not want to go to bed at a reasonable hour – Its been a week since I went to bed before 10:30, and I had to force myself to do so.  I just feel like doing stuff!  Of course then I’m the walking dead the next day, keeping myself awake by counting how many times I yawn.  The obvious solution is to do CT in the morning…but I really don’t see that happening.  I’d have to get up at about 4:30AM 3 days out of the week to do that…and it doesn’t sound fun.  I’m sure I’ll try it at some point.

I find it interesting that some people are so hateful of Dr. Kruse.  I think if he were more humble in his presentation people would warm up to him more, but I also don’t think as many people would be getting the message he’s trying to put out there.  I like him just the way he is.  He sure isn’t boring.  Too bad people don’t have a little more self awareness.