Something New

New potatoes, that is.  I just ate 13 oz of them.

I’ve decided to try the potato diet.  Nothing but potatoes for a week or so…let’s see how it goes.  Why would I do this?  Because I just don’t feel good.  Ever.  Paleo seems to be letting me down.  I’m not thriving.  Despite being virtually unemployed, my life feels very disorganized.  Hell, it IS disorganized.  It’s not just a feeling.  I used to be a compulsively tidy person.  Now I’m a mess.  I feel tired all the time.  I don’t know anymore how to feel better.  Sure, it could be a cortisol problem (don’t have the money to test right now) and it could be a thyroid problem (ditto) but it could also be that eating meat and fat for over a year isn’t making my body work well.  My blood pressure and weight continue to be high.

I tried Paleo/Leptin Rx.  Felt better than eating grains but now it’s not making me feel good.

I tried Epi-Paleo.  Felt hungry, plus it was really expensive.  I could afford it I guess if I ate stuff out of a can, but I’m not sure I want to expose myself to a lot of canned goods (i.e., BPA).

I tried high fat, moderate protein, low carb.  Felt hungry.

I tried high protein, low carb, low cal.  Felt hungry and unsatisfied.

I tried juicing.  Got tired of cleaning the juicer, but more importantly I didn’t have time to get good at it.  I may try this again.

I tried CT.  Didn’t make a difference.

I tried BHRT.  It made me fatter, gave me heart palpitations, and screwed up my period.

I haven’t tried the potato diet yet.  So let’s go.

Why am I doing this?  I was swayed by this guy’s story (20 potatoes a day for 60 days).  I found myself interested in this thread over at MDA.  And I watched a documentary over the weekend about Gerson Therapy, called The Beautiful Truth.  It details the work of a dude named Gerson in the 1920s who came up with a system of treating people with various ailments, including cancer, with great success.  His method basically involves a vegan diet, lots of organic vegetables, and coffee enemas.  Yeah, sounds awesome.  Not really.  But there’s a clinic in Mexico that was highlighted in the film.  At a cost of $11,000 for a 2-week stay, attendees of this clinic get the full Gerson Therapy.  I know someone who attended this clinic and has now outlasted his life expectancy by 4 years.

I don’t see myself going full-on vegan, but I really do need to keep trying other things.  Paleo made me feel good initially, and I probably do still feel better than I did prior…but that level of good is no longer good enough.  I want to feel vibrant.  I want my mind and body to feel organized again.

So I’ll keep you updated on my ongoing experiments.

Day 1

  • Fasting Blood Glucose: 101
  • Weight: 200.2
  • Waist measurement: 43.5″
  • Blood pressure: 135/83 (the lowest its been in a while)

My goal right now is to eat only potatoes with just some simple seasonings (salt, pepper, spices).

Leptin Rx – Take 2 – Day 3

I have again embraced the BAB.  And it’s really B.  I’ve been eating like 10-12 oz of beef in the morning and adding a couple of eggs.  Less and I get hungry.  It seems like an awful lot of food and I feel guilty – like who am I to eat this much when people are going hungry?  But I can’t save the world.  I’m just trying to save myself.

It’s nice to have my appetite diminishing again.  Stupid carbs.  I guess I can just never have them.

The antibiotic is helping – my entire-month-of-May cough is becoming less problematic.

I know I talked about Maca in my last post – about how it increased progesterone, which isn’t a good thing for me.  I neglected to mention though, that it did NOT help my sex drive.  I suspect all of this boils down to thyroid problems, which I haven’t been treating.  My last thyroid labs were done in November at the height of my stressful tenure in California, so I don’t really trust them.  Now that my husband is gainfully employed I can probably afford to get some labs done again.  Will do so soon.



Amino acids supplements don’t seem to do a whole lot for me.  Well, actually the 5HTP seems to help with depression, but the L-Tyrosine and DL-Phenylalanine aren’t making me peppier or happier.  I haven’t tried the GABA yet…was waiting till I felt anxious.  I’ve been more depressed than anxious lately.

I started having a problematic cough at the beginning of May.  I thought it might somehow be related to iodine supplementation, since it correlated in time to other detox symptoms I was having.  Only, this never went away and I stopped supplementing like 2 weeks ago.  I finally went to my doc yesterday and got an antibiotic.  My entire body is exhausted from coughing for the last 3-4 weeks.  In Maslow’s heirarchy of health needs, my need to stop coughing far outweighs my need to have perfect gut flora.  So bring on the Z-pack and the probiotics.

Maca is not good for me.  I started taking it about a month ago because I heard in a podcast with Sara Gottfried that it can help increase sex drive and “regulate hormones”.  Well, I suppose it can help regulate hormones if you’re estrogen dominant because I learned that what it does is increase progesterone.  Well, I don’t need progesterone.  I have too damn much progesterone after doing the Wiley Protocol.  My boobs started spilling out over my bras again, and my tummy started sticking out further again.  So I stopped it and things are again returning to baseline.

I decided to go back and read my blog for clues as to why I’m struggling so much with my health.  I know being in California got me off track (stress).  So did hormone supplementation (the Wiley Protocol) (weight gain, carb cravings, increased fatigue).  So I re-read the first 2-3 months of this blog and I learned some interesting things.  Doing the Leptin Rx was the best I’ve felt in years.  No calorie counting, no snacking, just meat, fat, vegetables and lots of sleep.

My first few weeks of the Leptin Rx were interesting – within 2 weeks I had lots of energy and stopped getting hungry between meals.  I also had some detox symptoms, but those passed quickly.  My sleep became solid and predictable and my fasting blood glucose was trending down – it dipped under 100 on 2/20/12 for the first time in months.  This was about 9 days into the Leptin Rx.  On 2/20/12, later in the day, I posted about making Paleo Pizza (with cheese and an almond meal crust).  The next day I posted that my sleep had been disrupted the night before and I was noticing some problems with thermoregulation.  That day I ate something with artificial sweetener in it.  My blood sugar jumped back up and stayed up for about 2 weeks.  It came down again after 3/16/12 – after I started supplementing with Vitamin K.  So the takeaway?  Leptin Rx = good.  Almonds, cheese, and sweeteners = bad.  Vitamin K = Maybe good.

So I’m doing this again.  Leptin Rx, minus the silly dalliances that seemed to interfere.

Update on my little girl – she’s been off dairy for 2 months or so now.  She has adapted really well and only asks for milk or cheese occasionally.  (See doesn’t get it).  The weird thing on her knee is still there…so maybe not related to dairy.  I’ve thought about trying the probiotics again with her – maybe in very very small amounts.

Oh, and we’re moving again – in the next month or two.  To Wisconsin.  My husband got a job there.  I’ll be continuing to work part time from home.

I hope to stay there forever and never. ever. move. again.

N=1 Continued, Plus Some Good Stuff

#$&*%*& computer…

Why would my computer suddenly become doggedly slow…just in the last 2 days?  Stupid automatic updates…

Oh hi!

Ok, because my computer decided it was in charge this morning, I only have 6 minutes in which to report my many emotions, successes, and failures today, in relation to the Leptin Rx, CT, and Paleo lifestyle on which this blog is based.  Oh crap…now I only have 5 minutes because I wasted a whole minute writing that sentence.

CT last night rocked –  30 minutes at 50 deg F.  I would have stayed in longer, but I didn’t have time – had to put babykins to bed, and some things I just don’t want to miss.  Yesterday as she was lying in the dark trying to sleep she told me about her day.  “Playground…sandbox…swings…fun…kids…eggs…cottage cheese…”  She makes it all worth it.  Anyway…CT.  So it felt GREAT yesterday.  Yay!  I love that!  And I needed it because the last two baths were not so fun.  Also yesterday I had a cool experience.  I wasn’t hungry at all.  All day!  I wasn’t hungry before meals but ate anyway, because if I miss a meal I don’t get another opportunity to eat for a long time.  But lunch and dinner were on the lighter side.  My BAB yesterday was 10 (yes 10) ounces of grass-fed beef (in the form of a roast), and 1 TBS coconut oil melted in hot tea.  It lasted me all day and was wonderful.

Here’s something else cool…take a look at my fasting blood glucose numbers:

This morning I was back to the 80s again.  Love that!  I hope my glucometer is accurate, but even if it’s not, the trend shows great improvement over the past few months.  Interesting how it spiked again when I started CT.  I love science!

Off to work.

Ups and Downs – Updated

Feeling a little discouraged today.  Could it be moodiness related to quitting the DIM two days ago?  Perhaps.  Cuz I didn’t feel so hot emotionally yesterday either.  Started taking it again today.  Even if it is responsible for a few minor headaches (of which I’m not really convinced), if it helps me handle CT detox issues, it’s worth it.  I think it’s time for a good/bad segment.  It feels like it might be mostly bad today, so lets start with that.

The Bad

  • Yesterday’s CT wasn’t fun.  It was 35 minutes at 49 deg F.  Nothing I haven’t done before but it just felt cold and not much fun.  I don’t know why – I was well-rested and had eaten a decent dinner an hour before.  Oh well…maybe there’s no obvious reason I’m less cold-tolerant some days. I’ve been trying to stay in 40 minutes now, and didn’t want to stay in past 35.  Hopefully today will be better.
  • WordPress has been acting up on Firefox:  I tried to blog earlier and it wouldn’t let me type anything into my post.  Gave up twice.  Finally switched to Chrome.  Thank you for being cooperative, Chrome.
  • Had labs done today.  Our local hospital does monthly cholesterol screenings, including a fasting blood glucose check, all for $30.  Not a bad deal, and no silly statin-happy doctor involved. So David and I went to have ours checked.  He’s been following a Paleo diet but not the Leptin Rx or CT.  I’ve been doing the Leptin Rx + CT.  His labs improved.  Mine got worse.  I know it was prolly dumb for me to test now, considering I’m still experiencing detox symptoms related to CT.  I thought since my blood sugar has been improved lately, maybe other things have too.  Well, no.  So I was hoping for a psychological boost and didn’t get one.  The worst part is this: I tested my fasting blood sugar before I left home and it was 92.  Then at the lab, 45 minutes later, it was 105.  Huh?  So now I’m wondering if my glucometer or test strips are unreliable.  I may have to get another one to do a reliability check.  In any case, Labs…bad.  Plus I had to delay my BAB which didn’t make me happy.  My body has become very accustomed to eating right away upon waking.

So specifics…Here are the sad numbers:

3/14/12 3/28/12 6/12/2012
Cholesterol, Total 238 222 250
Triglycerides 112 107 131
LDL Cholesterol 165 147 180
HDL Cholesterol 52 54 44
So my HDL dropped 10 points?  Can detox do that?  I sort of expected the LDL to rise…but the Triglycerides?  I ate some carbs 2 or 3 weeks ago…but other than that, nothing but veggies, meat, fat, and some nuts…and a little dark chocolate here and there.  How did my HDL drop?  Is it because I’m not eating as much coconut oil as I was for a while there?


The Good

  • David is watching the little one right now, which means I can go take a CB.  Bye for now.

Update: CB tonight at 49 deg F for 35 minutes.  Easier getting in and most of the time felt pretty good.  Still didn’t feel like staying in past 35 minutes though, and it took me a long time to warm up.  Oh well.  Keep plugging away.  Some days make up for the other days.


CT last night was 30 minutes submerged at 57 deg F.   The 1-liter bottles were left in for 1.5 hours this time instead of 1 hour.  They still didn’t melt completely though, leaving the water in the bottles colder than the tub water, so again I poured the water into the tub.  It was 64 deg to start, then down to 59 just from the bottles filled with ice, and then down to 57 with the cold water poured from the bottles.  I had a hat and wool gloves on throughout, and my hands worked fine at the end, so I think that really helped preserve core body temp.  I suppose I could actually take my temps before and after.  Maybe today.

I notice the best BAB for me is 8-9 oz. of wild-caught salmon and pastured eggs fried in coconut oil.  I always feel great after I eat this in the morning.  I need to find a good recipe for salmon though.  Currently I’m baking it at 425 deg for 12 minutes, which works really well…but it’s bland.  I wonder how to season salmon so it’s delicious?  You know, minus everything that tastes great in the nightshade family…so no peppers, cayenne, onions, as well as no dairy.  I’ll have to do some recipe research.

Started taking DIM and Calcium D-Glucarate today to address problems with estrogen dumping from CT.  Yesterday I was feeling a little hormonal.  Not terrible, but there were a couple times I got angry at people and was lacking my usual ability to refrain from saying anything.  I wasn’t yelling at anyone, but when hormones are high I simply can’t say nothing at all.  That’s where I was yesterday.  On the hormonal 1-10 scale (yes, I’m using 1-10 now…1-3 simply wasn’t adequate…) I was a 5.  A bit weepy and a bit pissed off.  So a 5.

I’m really liking using Cronometer to calculate the nutrients in my diet.  It’s got lots of cool graphs and other visuals so you can see exactly where you’re falling short.  I’m going to go there now to enter my breakfast.

Results for just breakfast today:

  • Calories: 778..8
  • Protein: 75.4grams
  • Carbs: 4.1g
  • fat: 50g

I love data.

More Plans

I’ve started Project Empty Freezer.  We’ll be eating salmon and chicken this week.

In addition to the plans outlined in the previous post, I’ll be doing the following, for at least a while, maybe longer:

  • Keeping data on my moods at the end of each day, using a 0-3 Likert-type scale (e.g., 0 = terrible mood, depressed, crying, arguing with people, while 3 = great mood, feeling high on life, that kind of thing.) I’m doing this to collect baseline data so I have some objective information when the time comes to address my hormonal problems.
  • Tracking what I eat.  I’m not going to be obsessive about this, and I’m not going to be counting calories or grams of anything.  I really just want to see what makes me feel good and what doesn’t make me feel good.

So I’ll be starting these things today, in addition to the variables I already track (fasting blood glucose, weight, and various labs periodically).

I’m happy to be home and back into my routine today.  Had a BAB of sirloin steak and eggs sauteed in coconut oil.

During travel yesterday I was doing some reading on Dr. Kruse’s forum and blog, and I’ve been reminded that I have a fat storage problem, most likely related to my hormones being out of balance. I do NOT have a character flaw that involves being a pig and eating too much.  I’m doing the best I can to address it, but it’s going to take a while to fix this.  I’m learning as I go.

Here are some things I’ve learned lately that I’ve been pondering:

1.  Colder is better.  Much more happens when you CT at temps below 60.

2.  Emotions are chunks of chemicals swimming around together.  When these chemicals have been stored in fat and are released, or when any emotional reaction strikes out of the blue, it’s again NOT a character issue.  This is your body reacting to a chunk of chemicals.  It’s important to stop adding judgment to it.

3.  I’m never going to be able to do what other people do.  The sooner I accept this the better.  I spend a certain amount of time wondering why I can’t eat what my husband eats and still feel good…why I can’t take the easier way out, just one day, and get away with it.  I just can’t.  I don’t get to eat carbs.  I feel like crap when I eat them.  End of story.

Off to work this morning.

Thank you, to those of you that stop by to read this.  You make me feel like I have partners in my quest for health.  I really appreciate you.