Starch Almost Killed Me Today

True story.  Today I was on the road for 5 hours, round trip.  Before making the return trip my family and I ate lunch at a Chinese buffet.  Not ideal health-wise, I know, but I made the best of it. I ate some seafood (shrimp, scallops in butter), a teeny tiny hot dog with bacon wrapped around it, some beef dish (avoiding the PUFA-laden sauce as much as possible), and 3 sections of a California roll.  They looked like this:


Only, 3 instead of 4.

I love sushi with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns.  Not eating starches for several months there was tough for me in part because I love sushi so much, and sashimi just doesn’t do it for me.  But I digress.

I had 3 pieces of California roll.  Now, how much rice do you suppose is in 3 pieces?  Maybe a quarter cup?

After lunch I got in the car to drive the 2.5 hours back home, my little girl in the back seat. About 30 minutes in I was fighting to stay awake.  FIGHTING.  At one point I almost dozed off behind the wheel.  I haven’t done that for years, despite frequently driving long distances like this.  Gee….I wonder why I was so tired…I mean, I slept well last night, as I usually do…I had a couple hundred milligrams of caffeine in me this morning…so weird…Hm.  Oh yeah…THE RICE.  THE DAMN RICE MADE ME SO TIRED I ALMOST FELL ASLEEP BEHIND THE WHEEL.

I haven’t felt the need to take mid-day naps for months until I started eating starches.  Now, like clockwork, I eat something starchy and within 45 minutes or so, I’m exhausted.  My muscles feel weak, my eyelids heavy.  All I can say is, thank goodness for this song, which helped to wake me up again.  I had to turn it up really loud and car-dance to avoid further life-threatening sleepiness.  I hope my daughter didn’t listen to the lyrics.

So…starches aren’t working out for me.

Know what else isn’t working out?  Free-wheeling it with my diet and hoping it all falls into place.  My [lack of] health is past that point, I’m afraid.  The last few days my mood has been all over the place, my temper has been short, I’m tired, and my motivation to do things like play with my kid is very very low.

So new diet plan (4.0?):  Every. Single. Thing. I eat needs to be high in nutrient density.  No more doing the minimum necessary to get in all my nutrients so I don’t feel guilty eating the stuff I really want to eat (I’m looking at you, grilled cheese on gluten-free bread).  Now the ONLY things I’ll be eating will be high in nutrient density.  I’m going to assault my body with micronutrients so it doesn’t need as much food. If my inability to tolerate foods is killing me and/or making me want to kill others (stupid serotonin), I’ll just have to reduce the quantity of food.

I might even eat berries.

No more starches for a while, except maybe at night when I don’t need to be productive afterward…and when there are fewer hours left in the day for me to pick fights with jerks on Facebook.

Biking is going well though… Went for a ride at 6:30AM after a breakfast of 3 scrambled eggs and no carbohydrates.  Felt awesome.  Unfortunately, it was downhill from there.

There’s always tomorrow.

Virgin Diet – Day 4

For the first time this week I really wanted carbs today.  I suspect this is related to drinking wine last night.  Didn’t give in though – still adhering closely to the rules of the Virgin Diet.  I have learned a couple of things about myself in the last few days.

I’ve always loved sushi – today I found out it’s not nearly as delicious when it’s not drenched in soy sauce (which is made of wheat and soy – 2 items banned by this diet).  Still good though, but not head-exploding good as it usually is for me.  Also, I learned that when I accidentally let my blood sugar get too low it takes me a long time to recover and for the next several hours – even after eating and after feeling relatively full – my appetite stays high.  A couple days ago it was 5 or 6 hours after breakfast – I was enjoying not thinking much about food and just sort of let it ride and skipped lunch.  Then around 3PM my blood sugar dropped quickly and I felt ravenous.  I was at a store and there was nothing on-plan to eat with me or in my car.  I was feeling pretty bad by the time I actually got to eat – my blood sugar had dropped further and I was really irritable.  I ate shrimp and vegetables and a broth-based soup – enough that I should have been full…but I just wanted to keep eating.  I ate probably the equivalent of another dinner over the next several hours – I just felt driven to keep eating.  It was like my body was programmed to stock up to avoid the inevitable next famine.   Anyway, I stayed on plan with everything I ate, and the next day the scale was the same.  If I had eaten even one piece of bread though, I know it would have all been stored as fat.

The scale today was down another pound – so that’s 2 pounds since I started this, and I’m not attempting to eat low carb/ketogenic/low salt – I’m just avoiding those 7 foods.  I’m eating rice and potatoes and drinking wine.  The loss today could be dehydration from drinking wine last night, so we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

So far it’s a tentative thumbs up for the Virgin Diet.

What I’ve eaten today:

Breakfast: Wild-caught salmon fillet sauteed in coconut oil and 1/2 of an avocado.

Lunch: 2 grass-fed hot dogs with dijon mustard

Snack: sushi (minus soy sauce but with rice and wasabi)

All I drink is water.  I do use caffeine pills – not the greatest thing ever if you have adrenal fatigue, but I don’t care.  I take in the equivalent most days of one cup of coffee.  I actually think my adrenal fatigue is getting better.  When I was in California and for the first few weeks after getting back here I had a very hard time getting out of bed in the morning.  Now it’s much easier – closer to how it was before we went West. I also get tired earlier at night.  This indicates to me that my cortisol is higher in the morning and lower at night again.  So things seem to be turning around for the better.