The End of…The Plan

Ok, 2 days on The Plan was enough for me.

I revisited the Carrot Soup they had me make yesterday – it was on the menu again today for lunch.  I took a couple bites, thinking to myself, “Exactly how much is my health worth to me?  Enough for me to choke down this awful bowl of carrot mush?”  No.  Not that much, apparently.  I guess I’d rather go full on metabolic syndrome than eat that again.  Down the trash disposal it went.

I did stay on plan most of the day.  I was feeling completely unsatisfied by seeds and leaves and I did have a piece of plain, unseasoned, unsalted chicken for lunch, along with my seeds and leaves.  Without it I just kept thinking about food.  I was hungry.

But the deal breaker for me…is the water.  For the last 2 days I’ve drank the requisite 100 oz of water (one ounce for every 2 pounds of my current weight).  Yes, I was peeing all the time, and yes that was inconvenient.  But I don’t wanna die so I am willing to do this.  Well, I started feeling “off” tonight…like, pressure around my carotid artery.  I know that sounds weird, but usually when I feel that way I’m either getting sick or my blood pressure is too high.  So I tested my blood pressure.

160/104.  With resting heart rate at 91.

WTF?  I was thinking, how could this happen?  No salt for 2 days, nothing but seeds and leaves and some very plain organic chicken.  Why the 20 point increase in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings?  Then I remembered a time, years ago, that my husband accidentally took too much of his blood pressure medication.  As his blood pressure was falling over the next few hours, I googled, “How to raise blood pressure.”  The answer?  Eat salty snacks.  Drink lots of water.

Drink lots of water.

That’s the only change I’ve made recently that might possibly be having an impact on my blood pressure.  Is it possible that drinking beyond my actual thirst to what feels like an extreme 100 oz/day (by 7:30PM, according to The Plan) caused this?

So I took one of my husband’s BP meds (I should have my own, I know…but I don’t want to be diagnosed with high blood pressure right now because that will make it more difficult to get health insurance when I need to buy it in 6 months).  And now I’m drinking some white wine…a powerful diuretic.

I’m going to check my BP again right now:

152/92.  Resting heart rate still high – 93.

Ok, coming down.  What a mess.

Biohacking can be dangerous, boys and girls.

Fat Fast – Day 3…and Fluoridated Water

Down another 1.8 pounds this morning, fasting blood glucose down another few points to 105.   I’ll be graphing this at some point, assuming this continues to be interesting.

That coconut bark is really good…had a piece for breakfast.

So let’s talk about hunger.  Day 1 – not a whole lot of hunger.  It seems fat is very satiating, even in the absence of protein.  Day 2 – more hunger.  I was hungry several times throughout the day, which is why I ended up eating more – still high fat, but more of it.  We’ll see what happens today.  So today is Day 3. Tomorrow I’ll do a regular low carb day – for me that means basically no carbs, except for some veggies.  Then maybe a couple more fat fast days, and so on.

I don’t know if I mentioned this, but Kruse got to me with his recent rants on fluoride being added to drinking water.  I think he’s grabbing on to anything controversial at this point, but I did do some research and it appears there may be dangers associated with drinking fluoridated water, over the long term.  Interestingly, during my research I learned that one possible effect of drinking fluoridated water is perioral dermatitis, essentially a rash around the mouth, which may be related – possibly – to ingesting fluoride.  That’s not what the National Institutes of Health attribute it to, nor does Mayo Clinic.  However, there seem to be some mainstream docs who have their suspicions that the condition is related to fluoride toxicity.

In any case, I had a bad case of perioral dematitis when I was a teenager.  It was really embarrassing and it lasted for months.  I wasn’t using any fancy face creams (which the mainstream sites seem to implicate).  The dermatologist I saw at the time didn’t know what to do about it and was unable to help. It looked a LOT like this. I’ve recently seen something similar on my daughter’s face.  So the whole family is now drinking water that’s been through reverse osmosis, to remove lots of the fluoride and other contaminants that are typically added to the drinking water (purchased at Walmart in 5 gallon jugs).  So…who knows if this makes a difference…I haven’t done a thorough review of the research on fluoridated water yet.  In the meantime though, this seems like can’t hurt and it’s not expensive.

Ok…I had that coconut bark for breakfast and now – an hour later – I’m feeling hungry.  Could it be the 1T of artificial sweetener in the recipe causing a blood sugar drop?  If I cared a lot I’d retake my blood sugar.  Ok…I’ll go do that.  Be right back.


No,  not low blood sugar.  Anyway, I’m not ravenous.  I’ll drink water over the next 2 hours and then have another 3 tablespoons of high fat goodness for lunch.

Leptin Rx: Week 4, Day 5

I feel like I have a lot to say today.  Maybe I just have a lot of energy so I’m feeling chatty.  I think it’s interesting that when I was just eating low-carb I felt tired all the time and had all kinds of cravings.  Here are the difference as I see them between my low-carb lifestyle (a la Atkins) and now:

  • Low Carb:  I ate something early in the morning but was usually hungry again by 9:30AM or so.  I don’t think I was eating enough.
  • Now: I’m eating as soon as I wake up, between 50 and 75g of protein.  I start getting hungry about 6 hours after eating breakfast. If I can’t eat right away though, it’s no big deal.  I can put off hunger for 1-2 hours by drinking water.
  • Low Carb: I was also kind of eating low fat.  I still believed animal fat was evil, so I was eating a lot of low-fat boneless skinless chicken breast.  I was worried that saturated fat caused heart disease, so I went easy on the butter too.
  • Now: I’m actually adding fat to my green tea.  It’s insanity!
  • Low Carb: No tropical oils.  Saturated fat was evil.
  • Now: I’m downing coconut oil and Nutiva’s Coconut Manna at an amazing clip.  I calculated I consume about 3 oz per day of the manna, and 2-3 Tbs a day of coconut oil.  Yay for healthy and nutritious saturated fat!
  • Low Carb: I was snacking all the time.
  • Now: No snacks. 3 meals. Period.
  • Low Carb: I was tired all the time.  I came home from work and wanted to sleep.
  • Now: I have a ton of energy.  I wish I had more waking hours to do all the things that are interesting to me right now.  I have to prioritize.
  • Low Carb: I drank cans of diet soda or coffee with sugar-free sweetener throughout the day.  I didn’t like drinking water.  I needed a lot of caffeine to stay awake and alert.
  • Now: I have 1/2 of a caffeine pill in the morning (100mg), and maybe some green tea in the afternoon.  I sometimes forget the caffeine pill and I’m fine.  I do still like caffeine though, and feel a little better if I take it.
  • Low Carb: With all the caffeine in me from the diet pop, I usually didn’t feel like going to bed until 11 or 12…and I was losing sleep all week because of it.  My mood was foul a lot of the time.
  • Now: I go to bed when I’m tired, usually around 9:30 or 10:00.  I miss the time I had to myself when I stayed up late, but I do feel better throughout the day, not being so sleep-deprived.
  • Low Carb: Lots of cheese
  • Now: About 1oz of cheese 3-4 times of week.  Otherwise no dairy.
  • Low Carb: Lots of nightshades
  • Now: Very few nightshades…maybe 1-2 oz of chopped tomatoes that show up on a salad at a restaurant 1x a week.  Dr. K. says nightshades cause a leaky gut.  I have a personal problem with the term “leaky gut.”  Why don’t they call it “leaky intestine” or “leaky colon.”  Then maybe it wouldn’t sound so “woo” like.

I do have much more energy now.  I now come home from work and have the energy to play with my daughter – for 2 hours sometimes – whereas I used to need a nap or a long break from social interaction.

Mood.  My husband and I were just talking about changes he’s seen in me since I stared eating a Paleo diet and following the Leptin Reset.  He said to me, “You have no idea how crazy you were.”  Apparently my mood swings were fairly extreme.  I don’t remember it that way, but…well, he’s probably right.  And I was taking antidepressants then.  Now I’m off of the meds and feeling positive every day.