Current Plan

As of April 2017, I’m doing Weight Watchers and eating a high-carbohydrate, low-fat diet.  So far I’ve lost about 16 pounds doing this, and I have a lot of energy.

I’m taking some supplements to round out my nutrition, and Culturelle probiotics to make my gut happy.

5 thoughts on “Current Plan

  1. Hey there! Interesting blog you have. Please be mindful of adrenal fatigue on keto diet (+ HIIT + whatnot). I had adrenal fatigue a couple times on keto (of ~2 years). Everytime I craved sugar & carbs big time… Gained a lot of weight going back from low carb to sugar. Adrenal fatigue sets in slowly, and you may start feeling like crap at some point (+ sugar cravings come back). Ray Peat recommended Pregnononelone might be a fix for adrenal fatigue. Too much cortisol => Pregnononelone steal, lack of other adrenal hormones. Best.

  2. Thanks GM. I have had adrenal panels done and my cortisol is low – and has been for years. I’ve supplemented with pregnenolone and licorice root to address this in the past, but honestly the days I feel good are the days I’m not eating things that cause me problems. I’m in the process of determining exactly which foods those are. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  3. I found bread to be the worst carb… it destroys my insides (an undiagnosed condition as yet, lots of inflammation). Potatoes & honey may be the safest carb options. Well, on keto, obviously you won’t be eating any of those 🙂 On keto, I found cooked non-starchy veggies to be on the safe side… easily digestible. Salads and uncooked vegetables are harder foods to digest, so better candidates for elimination. Especially olive oil (eaten with salad) is very dangerous, as it’s often fake… and you never know what you’re getting (when you eat outside). Some ketoers end up with animal products only: fatty red meat, lots of eggs, cheese, butter [almost exclusively]. That is the best diet as far as digestion and inflammation are concerned. Super, duper anti-inflammatory. That’s what I strive for when I can. There are facebook groups called zeroing on health & principa carnivora. Check them out. I can’t do carnivore for too long, but when I do, weight loss is most immediate & sign of inflammation completely disappear. Best of luck!

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience. I do pretty well metabolically on a carnivore diet, though I haven’t done that exclusively for about a year. I wonder if that diet is actually anti-inflammatory or if eating only meat simply eliminates most of the foods that are inflammatory.

  5. I think it’s the latter. Fiber is thought to be inflammatory if you listen to Carnivore folks (e.g. see the book Fiber Menace). After all it feeds the colonic bacteria, and you never know what’s in there. No fiber => bacteria die off. Carnivore = intersection of zero fiber + VLC… that’s my understanding.

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